Chapter 4: You Mean Others Can Use My Mac, Too?

In This Chapter

arrow.png Understanding how multiuser systems work

arrow.png Configuring login settings

arrow.png Changing the appearance of the login screen

arrow.png Tightening security during login

arrow.png Starting applications automatically when you log in

Whether you’re setting up OS X for use in a public library or simply allowing your tweener to use your Mac in your home office, configuring Mountain Lion for multiple users is a simple task. However, you must also consider the possible downsides of a mismanaged multiuser system: files and folders being shared that you didn’t want in the public domain, users logging in as one another, and the very real possibility of accidental file deletion (and worse).

Therefore, in this chapter, I show you how to take those first steps before you open Pandora’s Box — setting login options, configuring the personal account that you created when you first installed the operating system, and protecting your stuff. Network administrators call ...

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