Open Sez Me

You can open any icon in the Finder — whether it’s a file or a folder — in at least six ways. (Okay, there are at least seven ways, but one of them belongs to aliases, which I discuss in great detail back in Chapter 5.) Anyway, here are the ways:

check.png Click the icon once to select it and choose File⇒Open.

check.png Click the icon twice in rapid succession.

tip_4c.eps If the icon doesn’t open, you double-clicked too slowly. You can test (and adjust) your mouse’s sensitivity to double-click speed in the Mouse (or Trackpad) System Preferences pane, which you can access by launching the System Preferences application (from the Applications folder, the Dock, or the menu) and then clicking the Mouse (or Trackpad) icon.

check.png Select the icon and then press either maccmd.jpg+O or maccmd.jpg+down.

Right-click or Control-click it and then ...

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