Watching Movies with DVD Player

9781118461990-ma021.tif The DVD Player application includes snazzy little on-screen controllers, as shown in Figure 13-1. They enable you to watch your movies on your Mac in pretty much the same way you’d watch them on your TV with your DVD player.


Figure 13-1: DVD Player’s on-screen controller gadgets.

warning_4c.eps If you’ve changed your preferences, DVD Player might not start automatically. See the upcoming sidebar for details.

Follow these steps to watch a DVD:

1. Insert a video DVD into your Mac.

This step automatically launches the DVD Player application; if it doesn’t, you can double-click the DVD Player icon in the Applications folder or single-click it in Launchpad to start it.

If you don’t see the little controller gadgets, you can choose Window⇒Show Controller (shortcut: maccmd.jpg+Option+C) to display the gray remote control–like gadget shown at the top of Figure 13-1, or you can move your cursor to the very bottom of the screen to see the transparent overlay controls shown at the bottom of Figure 13-1.

The transparent overlay works only in Full Screen mode.

2. Use the controls to ...

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