Giving Buttons, Menus, and Windows a Makeover

9781118461990-ma069.tif Computers don’t care about appearances, but if you want your Mac to look a bit more festive (or, for that matter, businesslike), you have options in the General pane (see Figure 3-10) at your disposal. To open this pane, choose ⇒System Preferences, and then click the General icon.


Figure 3-10: The General System Preferences pane.

First up are the general appearance options:

check.png Appearance pop-up menu: Use this menu to choose different appearances and change the overall look of buttons, such as the three gumdrop buttons in the top-left corner of most windows.

Apple, however, in its infinite wisdom, provides only two choices: Blue and Graphite.

check.png Highlight Color pop-up menu: From here, you can choose the color that text is surrounded by when you choose it in a document or select an icon. This time, Apple isn’t so restrictive: You have eight highlight colors you can choose, plus Other, which brings up a color picker from which you can choose almost any color.

Sidebar Icon Size pop-up menu: Choose small, medium, or large for icons in your Finder ...

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