OS X Mountain Lion Portable Genius

Book Description

Essential tips and techniques on the Mac OS X features you use most!

If you want the kind of hip, friendly help you'd get from friends on how to get the most of out of Mac OS X Mountain Lion, this is the guide you need. Jump right into the coolest new Mac OS X features like Game Center, Messages, and Notification, or get a better handle on the basic tools and shortcuts that will help keep your mountain cat purring. From customizing to using multimedia to syncing your Mac to other devices, this book saves you time and hassle, avoids fluff, and covers what you want to know most.

  • New addition to the hip, savvy Portable Genius series of books that helps you get the very most out of your Apple lifestyle

  • Provides essential facts, tips, techniques, and shortcuts

  • Helps you jump right into cool new Mac OX X features, such as Game Center, Messages, and Notification

  • Covers Mac OS X and Mac computer basics, including customizing your computer and workspace, troubleshooting and maintaining your Mac, browsing and manipulating images and multimedia, listening to music and Podcasts, and more

  • Explains how to work with and connect peripherals, copy music to an iPod, add a printer, and sync a Mac to other devices

Enjoy your new Mac OS X Mac to the max with Mac OS X Portable Genius.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Title Page
  4. Introduction
  5. Chapter 1: How Do I Get Started with Mountain Lion?
    1. System Requirements for Installing Mountain Lion
    2. What’s New in Mountain Lion?
    3. Upgrading to Mountain Lion
    4. Working with the Finder
    5. Getting Information on Files and Folders
    6. Using Quick Look
    7. Working with Removable Media
    8. Searching for Items
    9. Managing Windows with Mission Control
    10. Using Multiple Desktops with Spaces
    11. Managing Applications with Launchpad
  6. Chapter 2: How Can I Customize Mountain Lion?
    1. The General Preferences Pane
    2. Changing the Desktop
    3. Customizing the Finder
    4. Working with Widgets
  7. Chapter 3: How Do I Change the Mountain Lion System Preferences?
    1. Personal
    2. Hardware
    3. Internet and Wireless
    4. System
  8. Chapter 4: How Do I Manage User Accounts?
    1. Types of Accounts
    2. Creating New User Accounts
    3. Logging in to Accounts
    4. Setting Up Simple Finder
    5. Limiting Access with Parental Controls
  9. Chapter 5: What Can I Do with Applications?
    1. Discovering Mountain Lion Applications
    2. Navigating Mountain Lion Applications
    3. Working with Documents in TextEdit
    4. Getting Started with Messages
    5. Acquiring New Applications in the App Store
  10. Chapter 6: What Can I Do with Utilities?
    1. Working with Software Utilities
    2. Administering System Utilities
    3. Using Hardware Utilities
    4. Managing Network Utilities
    5. Additional Utilities
  11. Chapter 7: How Do I Work with PDFs in Preview?
    1. Opening and Saving PDFs in Preview
    2. Setting the Preview Preferences for PDFs
    3. Viewing and Editing PDFs
    4. Creating Your Own PDFs
  12. Chapter 8: How Do I Organize My Life with Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Reminders?
    1. Creating Calendars
    2. Setting Calendar Preferences
    3. Sharing Calendars
    4. Working with Contacts
    5. Setting Contacts Preferences
    6. Getting Maps for Addresses
    7. Syncing Contacts and Calendars with Devices
    8. Making Notes
    9. Reminders
  13. Chapter 9: How Do I Master the Web with Safari?
    1. Setting Safari Preferences
    2. Using Bookmarks
    3. Customizing the Main Safari Window
    4. Viewing Your Favorite Pages with Top Sites
    5. Private Browsing
    6. Viewing Windows Media Files
    7. Using the Reading List
    8. Finding Text on a Website
    9. Troubleshooting
  14. Chapter 10: How Do I Stay Connected with Mail?
    1. Getting Around in Mail
    2. Customizing the Toolbar
    3. Managing E-mail Accounts
    4. Setting Preferences in Mail
    5. Composing E-mail
    6. Receiving, Replying to, and Forwarding E-mail
    7. Organizing with Mailboxes
    8. Troubleshooting
  15. Chapter 11: How Can I Use iTunes with Multimedia?
    1. Getting Around in iTunes
    2. Setting iTunes Preferences
    3. Organizing and Playing Media
    4. Using the iTunes Store
  16. Chapter 12: How Do I Work with Images and Video?
    1. Working with Images in Preview
    2. Taking Screenshots
    3. Discovering QuickTime
    4. Using Photo Booth
    5. Working with Image Capture
    6. Using FaceTime
  17. Chapter 13: How Do I Print and Share?
    1. Setting Up a Printer
    2. Printing Documents
    3. Using the Sharing System Preferences
    4. Sharing Files
    5. Sharing Printers and Scanners
    6. Remote Management
    7. Sharing Via Bluetooth
  18. Chapter 14: How Can I Automate My Mac?
    1. Getting Around in Automator
    2. Using Workflows
    3. Recording Your Actions
    4. Using Services to Perform Tasks
    5. Discovering Time Machine
    6. Setting Up a Backup Drive
    7. Running a Backup
    8. Retrieving Information from Time Machine
  19. Chapter 15: How Do I Install Windows 7 on My Mac?
    1. Understanding the Boot Camp Assistant
    2. Using the Boot Camp Assistant to Install Windows
    3. Choosing a Start-up Disk
    4. Removing Windows from Your Mac
    5. Alternative Methods for Running Windows on Your Mac
  20. Chapter 16: Do You Have Any Troubleshooting Tips?
    1. Start Problem Solving
    2. Make Sure You Are Up to Date
    3. Start-up Issues
    4. Isolating Software Trouble
    5. When All Else Fails — Reinstall
  21. Appendix A: Mac Online Resources
    1. Official Apple Sites
    2. More Mac Sites
  22. Appendix B: Mac Shortcut Keys
    1. Finder Shortcuts
    2. Application Shortcuts
    3. Start-up Shortcuts
    4. Restart and Shutdown Shortcuts
    5. Safari Shortcuts
    6. Miscellaneous Shortcuts
  23. Glossary

Product Information

  • Title: OS X Mountain Lion Portable Genius
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118401422