Accessing Files and Other Resources

With sharing enabled, you can now actually share stuff. OS X makes it easy to do so.

Sharing files with other Macs

The most common type of sharing is the sharing of files with other Macs. If all is well, you'll see the other Macs in any Finder window in the Shared section of the Sidebar—whether they're connected over Ethernet, FireWire, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. Click the Mac's name and, if the Mac requires you to log in, click Connect As near the top right of the window and type your username and password, as Figure 23.5 shows.

If the shared Mac does not appear in the Finder window's Shared list, choose Go⇒Connect to Server or press Command Key+K, click Browse to scan the network for shared Macs, and then double-click them to get the login shown in Figure 23.6.

If the connection is successful, you'll see the other Mac's shared disks and folders as if they were any other folder on your Mac. (Each person specifies his or her Mac's shared folders using the Info window or the Sharing system preference, as explained in the “File Sharing pane” section earlier in this chapter.) The shared Mac also appears as a network volume icon on your desktop, so you can simply double-click it to open it while you remain connected.

Figure 23.5

Logging into a Mac that has enabled file sharing

Figure 23.6

Browsing for Macs on the network


When you open a disk or folder on your ...

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