Touring the Included Applications

OS X comes with 28 applications in its Applications folder. They cover a wide range of capabilities, as the rest of this section explains. Six applications—Calculator, Dictionary, Game Center, Photo Booth, Preview, Stickies, and TextEdit—are covered in extra detail here because they are not covered deeply elsewhere in this book.

New Feature

OS X Mountain Lion has renamed the Address Book application to Contacts, the iCal application to Calendar, and the iChat application to Messages, to match their names on iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Also, the Reminders and Notes applications are new, again to match iOS, although their basic functions existed in previous versions of OS X in, respectively, the iCal and Mail applications. Also new to OS X Mountain Lion is the Game Center application, again derived from iOS.

Figure 9.1

The Applications folder in icon view mode, showing a sampling of Apple and third-party applications



New Macs include a copy of Apple's three iLife applications: GarageBand, iMovie, and iPhoto. If you have an older version of this software on your Mac, you can buy each application for $15 from the Mac App Store. For details on the iLife applications, check out iLife '11 Portable Genius by Guy Hart-Davis, published by this book's publisher, Wiley.

App Store

Modeled on the iTunes Store for music and videos and the ...

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