Syncing via iCloud

Apple's iCloud service provides a central syncing facility for all devices that share an Apple ID (or sign-in account for Apple's various online stores). Macs running OS X Mountain Lion (or OS X Lion with iTunes 10.5 or later), mobile devices running iOS 5 or iOS 6, and Windows Vista and 7 PCs (not XP) running iTunes 10.5 or later plus the iCloud control panel can all use iCloud. (Windows 8 is very likely to be supported as well.) In Windows, the Apple Software Update application will download these updates, or you can go to

Syncing content and apps purchased from Apple's online stores

The basic iCloud services are related to Apple's various online stores (iTunes Store, iBookstore, Newsstand, Mac App Store, and iOS App Store), which track the music, apps, and books you bought and thus can check with each device linked to your account whether it has all the purchases installed on it. Apple calls this iCloud component Automatic Downloads.

On a Mac or Windows PC, you enable iCloud syncing of music, books, and apps in the Store pane of the iTunes Preferences dialog box, show in Figure 22.2. Here, in the Automatic Downloads section, you select the contents you want to have synced via iCloud: Music, Apps, and Books.

On your iOS devices, you also need to enable iCloud syncing. Go to the Settings app, and tap Store in iOS 5 or iTunes & App Stores in iOS 6 from the Sidebar on an iPad or from the Settings list on an iPhone or iPod Touch. In ...

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