Chapter 6

Using Reminders, Notes, and Notifications

In This Chapter

arrow Setting Reminders

arrow Making Notes

arrow Using Notification Center

As I’ve said many times before in my books, “If it works in one place, it’s likely to show up in another.” In this case, three popular time-saving (and headache-preventing) apps have crossed over from the world of iOS devices — the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch — and have securely landed on your OS X Desktop! Those apps are Reminders, Notes, and Notification Center.

That’s not the only good news, though: These three Mac applications work seamlessly with an iCloud account you’ve already set up, so if you also use an iOS device (with the same Apple ID), the notes you take and the reminders you make are automatically synchronized among all your Apple computers and devices. (If you didn’t create an Apple ID when you installed Yosemite, visit Chapter 3 of this minibook for the details.) If you’re entering or editing data, Yosemite’s new Handoff feature (which I explain in Book V, Chapter 4) even allows you to “pick up” where you left off on those devices when you enter in range of your Mac!

Because all three applications have a similar goal — namely, to keep you ...

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