Chapter 2

Using Your Network

In This Chapter

arrow Finding out what you can do with your network

arrow Sharing your files and printers with other Macs

arrow Sharing your files with Windows computers

arrow Accessing files on Windows computers

arrow Configuring the built-in firewall

arrow Remote-controlling your Mac

Here’s one of those incredibly complex concepts that you always find in these computer books: After you have your network set up and ready to go, you can do all kinds of really cool things with it. (Highly technical.) You can use your network to share files, share printers, remotely control your Mac, or even play multiuser games against friends. To keep your files safe from unwanted snoops, you can configure the OS X built-in firewall. In this chapter, I cover the basics of file sharing, printer sharing, and using the firewall to protect yourself from intruders.

It’s All about (File) Sharing

One of the main ...

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