Chapter 3

Going Wireless

In This Chapter

arrow Finding out how wireless networking works

arrow Discovering wireless security

arrow Connecting to other Macs without a wireless access point

arrow Connecting to and disconnecting from Wi-Fi networks

Nowadays, wireless connectivity is king. For example, mobile phones have gone from being a toy of the technological elite to a permanent fixture on the hip of homo sapiens. The shorts I’m wearing right now have a special pocket just for a cell phone to ride in; when I’m without my phone, the pocket usually carries a 5th Avenue candy bar. (Perhaps that was too personal … sorry.)

Because people have become accustomed to being able to keep in touch wherever they are, they also want to be able to have access to their network, at least in their house or workplace, without the hassle of cables (which are magnets for pets that enjoy a good chew toy). This desire for convenience and the advances in wireless technology have combined to bring you the wireless network — as well as wireless coffee shops, wireless access providers, and even wireless gaming centers.

Now you ...

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