Chapter 3

Port-o-Rama: Using Thunderbolt, USB, and FireWire

In This Chapter

arrow Using USB, Thunderbolt, and FireWire with OS X

arrow Adding a hub

arrow Troubleshooting external connections

arrow Adding and updating drivers

Apple’s list of successes continues to grow — hardware, applications, and (of course) OS X — but the FireWire standard for connecting computers to all sorts of different devices ranked in a class by itself. For many years, FireWire was the port of choice for all sorts of digital devices that need a high-speed connection.

And let us not forget that Apple was the first major computer manufacturer to include Intel’s Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports as standard equipment — and the Thunderbolt external port first appeared on the MacBook Pro. (The latest Mac Pro introduced Thunderbolt 2, which provides the fastest connection speed ever to an external device!) A Thunderbolt port is now standard equipment on all current Mac models.

In this chapter, I discuss the importance of all three connections to the digital hub (described in Book III), and I compare Thunderbolt versions 1 and 2, USB version ...

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