Chapter 12

Communicate with Mail and Messages

In This Chapter

arrow Mastering email with Mail

arrow Conquering SMS chats and iMessages with Messages

In Chapter 11, you can see how to use Contacts and Maps to find people and places. In this chapter, I take a look at two more terrific programs — Mail and Messages — that work with Contacts to make managing your email and messages (chats) a breeze.

Sending and Receiving Email with Mail

tip.eps I cover a lot of material in not a lot of space in this chapter, so if there’s something you want to find out about Mail or Messages that I don’t cover, don’t forget about the wonderful assistance you can find in Help⇒Mail Help (or Messages Help).

9781118991190-ma066.tif Mail is a program for sending, receiving, and organizing your email. Mail is fast and easy to use, too. Click the Mail icon on the Dock or Launchpad or double-click the Mail icon in the Applications folder to launch Mail. The Mail icon looks like a canceled postage stamp, as shown in the margin.

You can use other applications ...

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