Chapter 19

Safety First: Backups and Other Security Issues

In This Chapter

arrow Backing up … it’s easy

arrow Discovering why you should back up

arrow Finding out what happens to you if you don’t back up

arrow Keeping your Mac safe from rogue viruses and malicious attacks

arrow Protecting your data from prying eyes

Although Macs are generally reliable beasts (especially Macs running OS X), someday your hard drive (or SSD) will die. I promise. They all do. And if you don’t back up your drive (or at least back up any files that you can’t afford to lose) before that day comes, chances are good that you’ll never see those files again.

warning.eps If you turn on FileVault (described later in this chapter) and forget both your login password and your master password, you can’t log in to your account — and your data is lost forever. ...

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