About [this program]

About [this program]

To find out the version number of the program you’re using, don’t look in the Help menu. Instead, look in the application menu next to the menu—the one that bears the name of the program you’re in. That’s where you find the About command for Macintosh programs.

Accessibility Options/Ease of Access Center

The special features that let you operate the computer even with impaired vision, hearing, or motor control are called Accessibility in Yosemite. They’re in System Preferences (see Chapter 9).

Active Desktop

The Mac never displays Web pages directly on the desktop—and knowing Apple, that’s probably a point of pride. But Dashboard (Chapter 5) keeps Internet data only a keystroke away.

Add Hardware control panel

The Mac requires no program for installing the driver for a new external gadget. The drivers for most printers, mice, keyboards, cameras, camcorders, and other accessories are preinstalled. If you plug something into the Mac and find that it doesn’t work immediately, just install the driver from the manufacturer’s Web site.

Add or Remove Programs control panel

Here’s another one you just don’t need on the Macintosh. Installing a program onto the Mac is described in Chapter 5. Removing a program simply involves dragging its icon to the Trash. (For a clean sweep, inspect your Home→Library→Preferences and Library→Application Support folders to ...

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