OSGi in Depth

Book description


OSGi in Depth shows Java developers how to develop to the OSGi Service Platform Enterprise specification, an emerging Java-based technology for developing modular enterprise applications.

About the Technology

OSGi is a mature framework for developing modular Java applications. Because of its unique architecture, you can modify, add, remove, start, and stop parts of an application without taking down the whole system. You get a lot of benefit by mastering the basics, but OSGi really pays off when you dig in a little deeper.

About this Book

OSGi in Depth presents practical techniques for implementing OSGi, including enterprise services such as management, configuration, event handling, and software component models. You'll learn to custom-tailor the OSGi platform, which is itself modular, and discover how to pick and choose services to create domain-specific frameworks for your business. Also, this book shows how you can use OSGi with existing JEE services, such as JNDI and JTA.

Written for Java developers who already know the basics, OSGi in Depth picks up where OSGi in Action leaves off.

What's Inside

  • Deep dives into modularization, implementation decoupling, and class-loading

  • Practical techniques for using JEE services

  • Customizing OSGi for specific business domains


Table of Contents

  1. OSGi as a new platform for application development

  2. An OSGi framework primer

  3. The auction application: an OSGi case study

  4. In-depth look at bundles and services

  5. Configuring OSGi applications

  6. A world of events

  7. The persistence bundle

  8. Transactions and containers

  9. Blending OSGi and Java EE using JNDI

  10. Remote services and the cloud

  11. Launching OSGi using start levels

  12. Managing with JMX

  13. Putting it all together by extending Blueprint

Product information

  • Title: OSGi in Depth
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2012
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: 9781935182177