13.2. IS-IS Extensions for Multi-Topology Routing

At the time of writing of this chapter, support for Multi-Topology IS-IS (MT-ISIS)[2] is in the early stages of adoption. As a result, support differs from vendor to vendor. Cisco Systems, for example, supports MT-ISIS for IPv4 and IPv6 unicast topologies, whereas Juniper Networks supports MT-ISIS for IPv4 and IPv6 unicast and multicast topologies. By the time you read this, both vendors likely will support more diverse topology types.

[2] Tony Przygienda, Naiming Shen, and Nischal Sheth, “M-ISIS: Multi Topology (MT) Routing in IS-IS,” draft-ietf-wg-multi-topology-07.txt, June 2004.

13.2.1. MT-ISIS Procedures

IS-IS is extended to support multiple topologies by defining a new MT Intermediate Systems ...

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