3The Future of Work

You may ask, what is meant by “the future of work”? The future of work is merely a prediction of how the work being done, the workplace, and the labor force will progress and evolve in the years to come. Why is it important that CEOs and other C‐suite executives accurately forecast these future changes? Why is it imperative that they understand how that evolution will affect the following?

  • What work is being done?
  • What technology is needed to do the work?
  • Who is doing the work?
  • What skills are required to do the work?
  • When and from where is the work being done?

C‐suite executives of organizations worldwide will make calculated decisions about future workforce planning, based upon their current knowledge and what they anticipate the work world of the future will look like. As a result, HR experts and management must educate themselves about how their workplace will be impacted in the future.

We answer these questions and share important skill sets and jobs we can expect to see develop in the next 10 years. We also discuss how these changes will affect the future customer experience (CX) and how artificial intelligence will alter human creativity and experiences.

Evolving Work Trends

While much focus is placed on technology in future‐of‐work discussions, other factors, such as remote employment and the gig economy, play a large role in not only how work will be done, but who will be doing it and from where. In addition, employers will want to consider ...

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