Out of Our Minds, 3rd Edition

Book description

Creativity is critical.

Out of Our Minds explores creativity: its value in business, its ubiquity in children, its perceived absence in many adults and the phenomenon through which it disappears — and offers a groundbreaking approach for getting it back.  Author Sir Ken Robinson is an internationally recognised authority on creativity, and his TED talk on the subject is the most watched video in TED’s history. In this book, Sir Ken argues that organisations everywhere are struggling to fix a problem that originates in schools and universities. Organisations everywhere are competing in a world that changes in the blink of an eye – they need people who are flexible enough to adapt, and creative enough to find novel solutions to problems old and new. Out of Our Minds describes how schools, businesses and communities can work together to bring creativity out of the closet and realise its inherent value at every stage of life. This new third edition has been updated to reflect changing technologies and demographics, with updated case studies and coverage of recent changes to education.

While education and training are the keys to the future, the key can also be turned the other way; locking people away from their own creativity. Only by actively fostering creativity can businesses unlock those doors and achieve their true potential. This book will help you to:

  • Understand the importance of actively promoting creativity and innovation.
  • Discover why creativity stagnates somewhere between childhood and adulthood.
  • Learn how to re-awaken dormant creativity to help your business achieve more.
  • Explore ways in which we can work together to keep creativity alive for everyone.

Modern business absolutely demands creativity of thought and action. We're all creative as children — so where does it go? When do we lose it? Out of Our Minds has the answers, and clear solutions for getting it back.

Table of contents

  1. Acknowledgments
  2. About the Author
  3. Preface to the Third Edition
  4. 1 Out of Our Minds
    1. Creating the Future
    2. Rethinking Creativity
    3. Three Themes
    4. Only Connect: Education, Business and Culture
    5. Beyond Imagining
    6. Notes
  5. 2 Facing the Revolution
    1. Out and About
    2. Getting the Message
    3. It’s Only Just Begun
    4. Using Your Brain
    5. It’s Getting Crowded
    6. The Perils of Prediction
    7. The Leisured Society?
    8. Anticipating the Future
    9. Looking Forward
    10. Notes
  6. 3 The Trouble with Education
    1. Academic Inflation
    2. Twin Pillars
    3. The Culture of Education
    4. The Septic Focus
    5. Economic Challenges
    6. Cultural Challenges
    7. Personal Challenges
    8. Taking Stock
    9. Notes
  7. 4 The Academic Illusion
    1. Join the Club
    2. As a Matter of Fact
    3. Measuring Your Mind
    4. The Triumph of Science
    5. Born Again
    6. The Rise of Education
    7. The Irresistible Rise of IQ
    8. The Narrowing of Intelligence
    9. Changing Our Minds
    10. Notes
  8. 5 Knowing Your Mind
    1. Living in Two Worlds
    2. Mapping the Mind
    3. Diversity
    4. Dynamism
    5. Distinctiveness
    6. Plasticity and Potential
    7. Darryl’s Dance
    8. Realizing Who We Are
    9. Notes
  9. 6 Being Creative
    1. The Veil of Conceptions
    2. Speaking Your Mind
    3. What Do You Mean?
    4. Your Creative Mind
    5. Imagination, Creativity and Innovation
    6. The Creative Process
    7. Judging Value
    8. Freedom and Control
    9. This Time it’s Personal
    10. Conclusion
    11. Notes
  10. 7 Feeling Better
    1. The Exile of Feeling
    2. The Personal Growth Movement
    3. Emotional Disturbance
    4. Soft Skills
    5. Two Traditions
    6. Educating the Emotions
    7. Knowing and Feeling
    8. Artists and Scientists
    9. Conclusion
    10. Notes
  11. 8 You Are Not Alone
    1. The Lone Genius?
    2. A Matter of Time
    3. Dynamic Cultures
    4. Distinct Differences
    5. Life is Not Linear
    6. The Web of Knowledge
    7. The Power of Ideas
    8. A Culture of Creativity?
    9. Notes
  12. 9 Being a Creative Leader
    1. Leading a Culture of Innovation
    2. The Roles and Principles of Creative Leadership
    3. Born Again
    4. Notes
  13. 10 Learning to be Creative
    1. Transforming Education
    2. Principles of Transformation
    3. Creative Teaching
    4. Curriculum
    5. Assessment
    6. Looking to the Future
    7. Notes
  14. Afterword
  15. References
  16. Index
  17. EULA

Product information

  • Title: Out of Our Minds, 3rd Edition
  • Author(s): Ken Robinson
  • Release date: November 2017
  • Publisher(s): Capstone
  • ISBN: 9780857087416