Chapter 16

Seeing It Your Way: Customizing Outlook

In This Chapter

arrow Customizing Outlook menus and toolbars

arrow Changing columns

arrow Sorting lists

arrow Grouping items in your table

arrow Saving your own views

arrow Using views

User interface is a fancy term for the arrangement of screens, menus, and doodads on your computer. The people who write computer programs spend lots of time and money trying to figure out how best to arrange stuff on the screen to make a program like Outlook easy to use.

But one person’s dream screen can be another person’s nightmare. Some people like to read words on the screen that say what to do; other people like colorful icons with pictures to click. Other people prefer to see information in neat rows and columns; still others like to see their information arranged more (shall we say) informally.

Outlook lets you display your information in an endless variety of arrangements and ...

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