Chapter 2

Inside Outlook: Getting More Done with Less Effort


check Examining the many faces of Outlook

check Choosing menus

check Getting the big picture from the Information Viewer

check Using the tools of the trade

check Fine-tuning with the Folder pane

I recently heard that the average office worker spends 28 percent of each workweek answering email. No wonder times are tough — everybody’s too tied up with email to get anything done! When computers were invented, people thought they’d use them for something much more exciting than email. Oh, well. Welcome to the future — it’s already here and it’s already booked solid.

Fortunately, everyone gets more done now than in the past, partly because of tools like Microsoft Outlook. In fact, hundreds of millions of people worldwide use Outlook to get more done every day. But most of those people use a fraction of Outlook’s power, so they work harder than necessary while getting less done. The people I’ve trained find that knowing even a tiny fraction ...

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