10In Right RelationshipThe Relational Routines That Connect You with the Bigger Picture

Another True Confession

Before I became a leadership coach and author, I spent 15 years as a corporate guy. The last of those corporate jobs was a four-and-a-half-year stint as the head of human resources for a subsidiary of a Fortune 250 energy company. The parent company was emerging from a period of bankruptcy, and I was recruited as part of a new management team that was going to lead a turnaround. It literally took me only the first hour of my first day on the job to realize how in over my head I was. Fortunately, my CEO was a great boss, and she coached me through a learning curve that took longer than it should have.

In my first year and a half in that job, I worked as hard as I could to get the results that were expected and wasn't that concerned with making friends. I was feeling the pressure and was in a hurry to learn and make changes. Then the CEO commissioned a 360-degree assessment for every member of her senior management team. When we all got our 360 reports back a month or so later, my results were pretty easy to summarize—my team hated my guts.

That was pretty devastating for me to learn. Up to that ...

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