FIVECOLLAPSEThe Eroding Middle-Class Base

That reminded me: What happened to the Haroldsons? To bring this journey to a close, I needed to find out what happened to the family on the other side of the ownership equation—not the financial side but the real side. It was time to try again to track them down.

When I’d previously searched for the Haroldsons on the Web, I’d found so many people with similar names that I couldn’t call them all. I thought a call out of the blue might not do much good, anyway. I hoped for a personal introduction. Checking back with Orion, I get the name of someone he knows who owns a two-flat across from the Haroldson house, a woman I’ll call Toni. When I phone her, she picks up immediately. “I never knew the Haroldsons ...

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