We owe a debt of gratitude to all of our industry colleagues. It was their energy and enthusiasm that kept us motivated in authoring this second edition. It was our professional colleagues who responded to every request and submitted such inspiring work. These professionals, and the firms and agencies they represent, make packaging design successful from concept to shelf.

Projects of all sorts were submitted to us; many came with rich and interesting case studies. It is our hope that in these pages you will get a feel for the enormous effort that goes into creating successful packaging design. Collaboratively stitching together people's innovation, visionary ideas, production mastery, and leadership in sustainability is no easy feat. The fruits of those creative labors—packaging designs that are beautiful, successful, well-produced, and socially responsible—are what make our profession one we are proud to be part of. So thank you: to all the firms whose work is represented, and to the many other colleagues whose talents and support have inspired us.

Twenty-two years ago we met at a design firm, and we have shared an office—one filled floor-to-ceiling with packaging designs—for sixteen years since. During the time that we have been educators and consultants, we have developed a special bond. We owe much of our ongoing passion for packaging design to our students. It is their eagerness and enthusiasm for learning about the profession, their creative minds, their boundless ...

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