acid etching Frosting glass by dissolving its surface with hydrofluoric acid to create a pattern or design.

agreement of terms A legal document signed by two or more parties that outlines a business relationship, including the process, timetable, and fees.

alignment The arrangement of text and visual elements in logical groupings to create visual harmony and support the intended flow of information.

appetite appeal A visually communicated desire for food.

applied ceramic labeling (ACL) A process whereby ceramic powders mixed with thermoplastic chemicals—which become ink when heated—are applied to glass containers via screen printing.

barrier materials Packaging material layers that protect products from the damaging effects of oxygen, vapor and moisture, aromas, static, and the penetration of foreign particles.

billboarding A visual means of creating greater shelf impact. The same brand of products is arranged on shelf to form a “wall” that leverages the packaging design of the individual containers.

bioplastics Plastics manufactured from corn, potato, soy, or other renewable crops that are degradable and/or compostable.

blister pack A plastic pre-formed cavity or pocket packaging structure with a paperboard backing. Used for consumer goods, and may be lidded with a foil seal for foods and pharmaceuticals. A blister pack enables a product to be examined through its packaging.

brainstorming Generating many impressions, notions, and ideas in order to engender new concepts ...

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