Abdomen images, automatic orientation of

Academic point of view, of PACS

Acceptable compression ratio

Acceptance, in PACS implementation

Acceptance criteria, in PACS implementation

Acceptance testing (AT), in PACS implementation

Acceptance testing components, in PACS implementation


Access to Radiology Information (ARI)

Accreditation, of location tracking and verification system

Accuracy, of location tracking and verification system

Ackerman, Laurens V.

Acoustical waves

Acoustic noise, at image workstations

Acquisition, defined

Acquisition gateway components

Acquisition gateway computers

in planning to implement PACS

redundant image storage at

Acquisition gateways, no data flow interruption in

Acquisition modality simulator (AMS) for PACS simulator

for PACS simulator at USC

security in

ACR-NEMA 2.0. See also American College of Radiology-National Electrical Manufacturers’ Association (ACR-NEMA)


ACR Standard for Teleradiology, image/data security and

Active template library (ATL)

Active X

Acute intracranial hemorrhage (AIH) CAD in detecting

clinical aspects of

evaluating CAD system for detecting

Adding facial images, to location tracking and verification system

Add-on DR system

Administration, of Data Grid

Administrative autonomy, in grid computing


in MISS pre-op surgical planning

multimedia ePR system training and support for

in PACS implementation

PACS training of

Administrator training


Admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) ...

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