Chapter 8

The Effective Speech

It has been observed that half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can’t, while the other half have nothing to say and keep saying it. Anyone can give a speech, but certainly not everyone can give an effective presentation. As mentioned earlier, public speaking is not a gift you are born with. Fortunately, giving effective presentations is a skill you can acquire.

Following are some tips for developing and delivering an effective speech:

1. Find your objective. Your objective or message must be clear to you and your audience.
2. Know you audience. Take the time to determine who will be in your audience and what they want to know and learn.
3. Be totally prepared. You owe it to your audience to provide them with the best presentation.
4. Hook your audience instantly. Take the time to create an effective opening.
5. Plan your gestures and body movements. Once you have developed your content, work on the gestures that will effectively work with your content.
6. Use good delivery techniques.
7. Cite personal examples whenever possible. Use personal stories to support your messages and key points.
8. Maintain a sharp focus.
9. Speak persuasively.
10. Keep a positive attitude.
11. Add impact with visuals.
12. Follow up for success.


Being totally prepared includes eliminating surprises that can lead to nervousness and forgetfulness. It means knowing your destination, your audience, and your ...

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