Paint Shop Pro 8

Book description

This complete and easy-to-follow introduction to Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 shows you how to take this popular graphics and photo-editor program to new heights. Achieve professional-looking results quickly, using the author's comprehensive guidance and extensive photographic knowledge. The book includes a wide variety of real-life examples demonstrating how to broaden your image-making skills. Each chapter is filled with clear, step-by-step projects, eye-catching color visuals and numerous professional tips and tricks.

This is the ideal guide for anyone wanting to take their imaging skills to a higher level. It shows you how to optimize scans and digital photos, fix up old or damaged pictures and create a website from the ground up. There are also sections on how to add text to your pictures, create vector graphics and prepare images for print.

The associated website ( gives you all the tools you need to fine-tune these essential skills. Pictures featured in the book are provided online so you can download them at your leisure and try the techniques as you progress through the book.

This comprehensive guide to Paint Shop Pro 8 ensures you have all the skills needed for producing professional standard work in a number of real-world applications.

Table of contents

  1. Front Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Contents
  6. Picture credits
  7. Introduction
    1. What is digital imaging?
    2. About Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8
  8. 1 Digital Image-making: The Basics
    1. Introduction: basic tools and functions
    2. Paint Shop Pro 8: advanced features
    3. Paint Shop Pro: features new to version 8
    4. Additional considerations for the digital darkroom
    5. Creating pictures using film, digital cameras and scanners
    6. Using the file browser
    7. File formats
    8. About color space
    9. Image resolution
    10. Resizing the picture canvas
    11. Cropping the picture
    12. Adjusting picture orientation
  9. 2 Simple Picture Manipulation: Improving the Look of Your Digital Photos
    1. One-button digital photo fixes
    2. Controlling picture contrast
    3. Correcting color balance
    4. Adjusting color saturation (intensity)
    5. Making photos (appear) sharper
    6. Adding soft focus effects
    7. Step-by-step Projects
    8. Technique: creating photo impact
    9. Technique: fixing underexposure using tone adjustment
    10. Technique: fixing red-eye
  10. 3 Simple Picture Manipulation: Moving Past the Basics
    1. Removing scratches and blemishes from scans
    2. Controlling digital noise
    3. Retouching using the Clone Brush
    4. Restoring faded photos
    5. Creating black and white pictures
    6. Tinting black and white photos
    7. Creating color overlay effects
    8. Using the Warp tools
    9. Scripting
    10. Step-by-step Projects
    11. Technique: repairing damaged photos
    12. Technique: hand-coloring effects
    13. Technique: surreal color techniques
  11. 4 Controlling Change: Using Selections
    1. Understanding selections: adding creative power
    2. Using the geometric selection tools
    3. Freehand selections: creating an artificial point of focus
    4. Step-by-step Projects
    5. Technique: fixing an overexposed sky
    6. Technique: desaturating pictures
  12. 5 Combining Images: Working with Layers and Layer Masks
    1. Understanding layers
    2. Combining pictures
    3. Advanced layout tools
    4. About deformation tools
    5. Using adjustment layers
    6. Creating layer blend mode effects
    7. Using layer masks
    8. Modifying layer masks
    9. Combining layer masks
    10. Step-by-step Projects
    11. Technique: correcting faulty perspective (optical distortion)
    12. Technique: layer deformations – creating the perfect shadow
  13. 6 Using Text: Understanding Vector Graphics
    1. Vectors: learning the basics
    2. Working with the Pen tool
    3. Working with brush tools
    4. Adding basic text
    5. Special text effects
    6. Step-by-step Projects
    7. Technique: creating a greetings card
    8. Technique: combining text and photos to make a calendar
  14. 7 Manipulating Images: Creating Special Effects
    1. Creating a panorama
    2. Cleaning up web pictures
    3. Replacing the background in a photo
    4. Using the Materials palette
    5. Applying filter effects
    6. Step-by-step Projects
    7. Technique: having fun with the Picture Tube
    8. Technique: painting, sculpture and cartoon effects
    9. Technique: adding edge and framing effects
    10. Technique: flipping from positive to negative
    11. Technique: using the Color Replacer tool
    12. Technique: adding lighting effects
  15. 8 Print Preparation
    1. Inkjet printing: basic considerations
    2. Inkjet printing: advanced considerations
    3. Printing with Paint Shop Pro
    4. Emailing pictures
    5. Using stock and royalty-free clip art
    6. Copyright issues
    7. Batch processing
    8. Step-by-step Project
    9. Technique: resampling pictures
  16. 9 Working with the Web
    1. Introduction
    2. Preparing pictures for the Web
    3. Making navigation buttons and tabs
    4. Making image maps and rollovers
    5. Introduction to Animation Shop
    6. Creating animated graphics
    7. Step-by-step Project
    8. Technique: creating your first web page
  17. 10 Other Considerations
    1. Converting files for commercial print
    2. Color calibration issues
  18. Appendix 1: Jargon Buster
  19. Appendix 2: Keyboard Shortcuts
  20. Index

Product information

  • Title: Paint Shop Pro 8
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2003
  • Publisher(s): Focal Press
  • ISBN: 9781136108136