Paint Shop Pro Photo XI for Photographers

Book description

Literally stamped with the approval seal of Corel, this book is more than just a guide to the features of the software. So many books are aimed at only the introductory level, but this guide explores all the capabilities of Paint Shop Pro Photo XI for digital imaging.

Achieve professional results with this complete and easy-to-follow guide to Corel's Paint Shop Pro Photo XI. Packed with a wide variety of real life workflow projects, eye-catching visuals and numerous tips and tricks, Paint Shop Pro Photo XI for Photographers gives you all the skills you need to create outstanding images.

All the new features of Paint Shop Pro Photo XI are covered including Snapfire, Photo Organizer, Skin Smoother, Photo Time Machine and much more. Get the best from Camera Raw images, create high-quality web graphics and learn how to efficiently organize your ever-expanding collections of digital photographs!

If you are an amateur digital photographer, web or graphic designer, and want to get stunning results with Paint Shop Pro, this Corel recommended guide is for you!

'This book is ideal for you whether you are new or well versed in the world of mega pixels. Enjoy!'
Gage S. Lockhart, Technical Support Specialist, Corel Software Inc.

Praise for the previous edition:

"This beautifully illustrated book provides information and guidance on using Paint Shop Pro X from a photographer's perspective...Newcomers to Paint Shop should read the book in a linear manner, while others may wish to use the book more as a reference by sampling particular chapters...The book is very well written and organized." - HiTech Review, July/Aug. 2006

"If you have Paint Shop Pro and really want to use it to its fullest, you need this book. There are vert few quality books available for this program, and this one, published by Focal Press, is at the top of the list...This book is organized well by using color coded pages for easy access to the many chapters, quality images to illustrate technique instructions and results, and tutorials at the end of every chapter to put to use the information that was just explained." - Apogee Photo Magazine, August 2006

"If you're using Corel's Paint Shop Pro X for your digital darkroom work, you'll really appreciate this book...Beginners, as well as experienced, Paint Shop Pro X users will benefit from this well written, easy to understand book...Paint Shop Pro X for Photographers is well written, well organized and well illustrated, and that's more than enough to put it on your bookshelf." - Digital Photographer, Oct/Dec 2006

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Halftitle
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Contents
  6. Picture credits
  7. Foreword
  8. Introduction
    1. Why digital?
    2. Why Paint Shop Pro Photo?
    3. Why this book?
    4. Why me?
    5. About Paint Shop Pro Photo XI
    6. A note from Corel
    7. About Corel Corporation
  9. 1 Digital Image-making: The Basics
    1. Introduction: basic tools and functions
    2. Paint Shop Pro Photo XI: advanced features
    3. Features new to Paint Shop Pro Photo XI
    4. Additional considerations for the digital darkroom
    5. Creating pictures using film, digital cameras and scanners
    6. Step-By-Step Projects
      1. Exploring the Learning Center
      2. Straightening an image
      3. Perspective correction
      4. Cropping pictures
  10. 2 Simple Picture Manipulation: Improving Your Digital Photos
    1. One Step Photo Fix
    2. Smart Photo Fix
    3. Using the histogram
    4. Color Balance
    5. Other tools for correcting color problems
    6. Hue/Saturation/Lightness
    7. Other tools for correcting exposure problems
    8. Using Fill Flash and Backlighting
    9. Making photos (appear) sharper
    10. Adding soft focus effects
    11. Step-By-Step Projects
      1. Technique: sharpening photos using the High Pass Sharpen filter
  11. 3 Simple Picture Manipulation: Moving Past the Basics
    1. Removing scratches and blemishes from scans
    2. Controlling digital noise
    3. Retouching using the Clone Brush
    4. Creating black and white pictures
    5. Tinting black and white photos
    6. Creating color overlay effects
    7. Using the Warp tools
    8. Scripting
    9. Step-By-Step Projects
      1. Technique: restoring badly damaged photos
      2. Technique: hand-coloring black and white photos
  12. 4 Controlling Change: Using Selections
    1. Understanding selections: adding creative power
    2. What else can you do with selections?
    3. Using the Geometric selection tools
    4. Alpha channels and masks
    5. Step-By-Step Projects
      1. Technique: creating an artificial point of focus
      2. Technique: fixing an overexposed sky
      3. Technique: object cut-out
  13. 5 Combining Images: Working with Layers and Layer Masks
    1. Understanding layers
    2. Combining pictures
    3. Advanced Layout tools
    4. Using Adjustment layers
    5. Creating Layer Blend mode effects
    6. Using Mask layers
    7. Step-By-Step Projects
      1. Technique: creating a photomontage
      2. Technique: layer deformations – creating the perfect shadow
  14. 6 Using Text: Understanding Vector Graphics
    1. How text and vectors work
    2. Adding basic text
    3. Special text effects
    4. Vectors: learning the basics
    5. Working with the Pen tool
    6. Step-By-Step Projects
      1. Technique: creating a greetings card
      2. Technique: pasting text inside an image for effect
      3. Technique: combining text and photos to make a calendar
  15. 7 Manipulating Images: Creating Special Effects
    1. Using the Materials palette
    2. Working with Brush tools
    3. About Deformation tools
    4. Applying filter effects
    5. Adding lighting effects
    6. Step-By-Step Projects
      1. Technique: creating a panorama
      2. Technique: creating realistic depth effects using displacement maps
      3. Technique: having fun with the Picture Tube
      4. Technique: how to add an edge or frame to a picture
      5. Technique: using the Color Changer tool
  16. 8 Print Preparation
    1. Image resolution
    2. Resampling
    3. Choosing an inkjet printer
    4. Printing with Paint Shop Pro Photo
    5. Color management
    6. Step-By-Step Projects
      1. Technique: printing multiple photos with Print Layout
  17. 9 Working with the Web: Optimizing and Uploading Images
    1. How the Web displays images
    2. Web file formats
    3. Special Internet graphics
    4. Animation Shop
    5. Output
    6. Step-By-Step Projects
      1. Technique: creating a rollover navbar
      2. Technique: uploading web files to a web server
  18. 10 Snapfire and Photo Album: Organizing Your Pictures
    1. Corel Snapfire
    2. Corel Photo Album 6
    3. Finding your way around
    4. Keywords
    5. Finding photos
    6. Archiving photos
    7. Printing with Print Layout
    8. Enhance
    9. Create
    10. Share
    11. Step-By-Step Projects
      1. Technique: creating a web gallery
  19. Appendix 1: Jargon Buster
  20. Appendix 2: Keyboard Shortcuts
    1. General
    2. Paste
    3. View
    4. Image
    5. Adjust
    6. Layers
  21. Index

Product information

  • Title: Paint Shop Pro Photo XI for Photographers
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2006
  • Publisher(s): Focal Press
  • ISBN: 9781136102776