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Painter 11 Creativity

Book Description

Jeremy Sutton is one of the world's premier Painter artists (www.JeremySutton.com and www.PaintboxJ.com), and in this brand new edition of his best-selling Painter Creativity: Digital Artist's Handbook, he shows you the methods and techniques he's developed over the years to perfect his art and earn him the title of Corel Painter Master. This edition has been completely revamped to cover all of the new features in Corel Painter 11 and the Wacom Intuos4 pen-tablet, including:

*The new Hard Media brushes

*Complete visual summary of all brushes, new and old, in Painter 11

*Revised and updated command shortcuts

*New way of creating and controlling Reference Layers (formerly Free Transform)

*Programming suggestions for new Intuos4 Express Keys and Touch Ring

*And much more!

Inside, you'll find comprehensive coverage of the way that Jeremy uses the Painter 11 brushes and the Wacom Intuos4 pen-tablet for drawing and painting. You'll learn how to paint from scratch as well as a loose expressionistic approach to painting from photographs as you follow the clear step-by-step instructions throughout the book. Focused, in-depth case studies provide you with the expertise and guidance you'll need to become your own master of this wonderful world of digital painting. Jeremy balances technical instruction with artistic advice, including a whole chapter on going for it with color. In addition to Jeremy's own works of art, you'll find a gallery of images created by painters who have studied his methods, showing you examples of how you can apply his teaching to your own style and subject matter. Please note that the kindle edition of this title does not include the bonus CD.

Table of Contents

  1. Front Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Dedication
  4. Title Page
  5. Copyright
  6. Contents
  7. Foreword
  8. Acknowledgements and Contributors
  9. About the Author
  10. Introduction
  11. 1 Get Ready
    1. Fasten Your Seat Belt!
    2. System Requirements
    3. Computer System Fine-Tuning
    4. Wacom Tablet Customization
    5. Install Extra Brushes
    6. Install Extra Art Materials
    7. Install Extra Workspaces
    8. Install Extra Templates
    9. Set Up Corel Painter 11
  12. 2 Brush Guide
  13. 3 Dive In
    1. Get to Know the Brushes
    2. Familiarize Yourself with Different Ways to Pick Color
    3. Experiment with the Brush Controls
    4. Practice Saving Your Own Custom Variants
    5. Transform the Abstract into a Still Life
    6. Transform the Still Life into a Self-Portrait
    7. Have Fun with the Kaleidoscope
  14. 4 Painting From Photos—Preparation
    1. Photography and Painting
    2. Imagine and Compose Before You Capture
    3. Choose Your Source Photo
    4. Enhance Contrast and Saturation (Photoshop)
    5. Tune into Your Source Photo
    6. Refine Your Composition
    7. Determine Size and Resolution
    8. Enhance Contrast and Saturation (Painter)
    9. Get Rid of Photographic Grain
  15. 5 Painting From Photos II—Brushwork
    1. Setting the Scene
    2. Two Themes
    3. Three Challenges
    4. The Upside Down Option
    5. Set Up The “small-BIG” Arrangement
    6. Choose Between Many Paths
    7. On Your Marks, Get Set…
    8. Start Abstract—The “Muck Up” Stage
    9. Reveal, Refine, Review and Resolve—The “Four Rs” Stage
    10. Repeat the “Four Rs” Cycle
    11. Mix It In—Combining Different Versions Together
    12. Flatten
    13. Next Step
  16. 6 Painting From Photos III—Completion
    1. When is a Painting Finished?
    2. Preparation for Printing
    3. Post-Print Painting
    4. Conclusion
  17. 7 Going for it with Color!
    1. About Color
    2. Value Study—Black and White Thumbnail
    3. Mid-Tone Color Study—Expressing Tone Through Color
    4. Wild Color!
    5. Emulate Different Artists’ Styles
    6. Practice, Practice and More Practice!
  18. 8 Collage Portraiture—The Art of Combining Multiple Images into a Portrait
    1. Introduction
    2. Stage I: Research—Acquire Source Images
    3. Stage II: Select and Sort—Choose Primary and Secondary Images
    4. Stage III: Define Template Size
    5. Stage IV: Digital Techniques—Different Ways to Mix and Blend Imagery
    6. Stage V: Combined Media Completion—Post-Print Treatment
  19. 9 Gallery
    1. Introduction
    2. I. Portraits from Life
    3. II. Painting from Photos
    4. III. Collage Portraits
    5. Conclusion
  20. Appendix
    1. Student Gallery
  21. Index