PaintShop Pro X6 for Photographers

Book description

Written for photographers of all levels, PaintShop Pro X6 for Photographers is packed with inspirational, full-color images and easy-to-follow step-by-step projects that will have you producing great images in PaintShop Pro in no time! Everything you need to enhance and improve your digital photography is right here in this Corel® endorsed guide.

In this new edition, Ken McMahon looks at the pros and cons of the new, faster 64-bit version of the software and covers new features, including working with the Instant Effects palette, using the Smart selection brush, mapping photos, automatically tagging people, and uploading to Facebook, Flickr, and Google+. Other program features—selections, masking, layers, adjustments and effects, HDR, and scripting—are explained through practical examples that are just as relevant for older versions of the software.

This book has everything a photographer needs to take their photos to the next level with PaintShop Pro.

  • Learn from PaintShop Pro expert Ken McMahon with the most authoritative book on PaintShop Pro endorsed by Corel®.
  • Completely revised and updated with all of the new features in X6—get up to speed with 64-bit processing power, new selection tools, workspace enhancements, and much more.
  • A complete learning package with full-color screen shots and examples, and step-by-step projects at the end of each chapter.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Table of Contents
  6. Foreword
  7. Introduction
  8. Chapter 1: The Basics: Introducing Corel PaintShop Pro X6
    1. What’s Covered in this Chapter
    2. Installation: 32 or 64 bit?
    3. Introduction: Basic Tools and Functions
    4. The Manage Workspace
    5. The Adjust Workspace
    6. The Edit Workspace
      1. The Learning Center
      2. The Menu Bar
    7. Toolbars
      1. Photo Toolbar
      2. Effects Toolbar
      3. Script Toolbar
      4. Web Toolbar
      5. Tool Options and Other Palettes
    8. Other Features
      1. Smart Selection Brush
      2. Auto Selection Tool
      3. Instant Effects Palette
      4. Retro Lab
      5. Find People
      6. Photo Mapping
      7. Share My Trip
      8. HDR
      9. Photo Blend
      10. Selective Focus
      11. Fill Light/Clarity
      12. Social Media Integration
      13. Camera RAW Lab
      14. Quick Review
      15. Multi-photo Editing
      16. Smart Carver
      17. Object Extractor
      18. Vibrancy
      19. Raw Format Support
      20. Auto-Preserve Originals
      21. Layer Styles
      22. Visible Watermarks
      23. Color Changer Tool
      24. Skin Smoothing
      25. Riff File Format Support
      26. Time Machine
      27. Film and Filters
      28. Depth of Field
      29. Makeover Tools
      30. Red-Eye Tool
      31. Object Remover
      32. One Step Purple Fringe Fix
      33. High-Pass Sharpen
      34. Color Balance
      35. Black and White and Infra-Red Conversion Filters
      36. One Step Noise Removal
      37. Color Management
      38. IPTC Metadata Support
      39. File Open Pre-Processing
    9. Step-by-Step Projects
      1. Exploring the Learning Center
      2. Straightening an Image
      3. Perspective Correction
      4. Cropping Pictures
  9. Chapter 2: The Manage Workspace: Organizing Your Photos
    1. What’s Covered in this Chapter
    2. The Navigation Palette
      1. Using the Computer Tab
      2. Using the Collections Tab
    3. Using the Info Palette
      1. Adding a Rating
      2. Adding Keyword Tags
      3. Adding a Caption
    4. The EXIF Tab
    5. IPTC
    6. Searching and Smart Collections
      1. Using Search and Advanced Searching
      2. Saving Searches as Smart Collections
      3. Searching for People
    7. Working with Places
    8. Working with Camera RAW Images
    9. Step-by-Step Projects
      1. Managing Metadata – Captioning, Rating and Tagging Photos
      2. Using the Organizer to Apply a Series of Image Edits to Multiple Photos
      3. Displaying Photos on a Map
      4. Creating a Share My Trip Project
  10. Chapter 3: Improving Your Photos: Basic Editing
    1. What’s Covered in this Chapter
    2. Adjust or Edit?
    3. Using the Adjust Workspace
      1. Smart Photo Fix
      2. White Balance
      3. Brightness/Contrast
      4. Fill Light/Clarity
      5. Local Tone Mapping
      6. High Pass Sharpen
      7. Digital Noise Removal
    4. Using the Edit Workspace
    5. Using the Histogram
    6. Tools for Correcting Color Problems
      1. White Balance
      2. Channel Mixer
      3. Fade Correction
      4. Red/Green/Blue
      5. Hue/Saturation/Lightness
      6. Hue Map
    7. Tools for Correcting Exposure Problems
      1. Brightness/Contrast
      2. Fill Light/Clarity
      3. Curves
      4. Highlight/Midtone/Shadow
      5. Histogram Adjustment
      6. Histogram Equalize and Histogram Stretch
      7. Levels
      8. Threshold
    8. Using Fill Flash and Backlighting
      1. The Fill Flash Filter
      2. The Backlighting Filter
    9. Making Photos (Appear) Sharper
      1. Unsharp Mask
      2. High Pass Sharpening
    10. Adding Soft Focus Effects
    11. Step-by-Step Projects
      1. Improving Your Photos Using Smart Photo Fix
      2. Sharpening Photos Using the High Pass Sharpen Filter
      3. Using Camera RAW Lab to Restore Detail in Over-Exposed Photos
  11. Chapter 4: Image Manipulation: Beyond the Basics
    1. What’s Covered in this Chapter
    2. Removing Scratches and Blemishes from Scans
    3. Controlling Digital Noise
    4. Retouching Using the Clone Brush
      1. Cloning in Practice
      2. Other Tools to Try
    5. Creating Black and White Pictures
    6. Tinting Black and White Photos
      1. How It’s Done
      2. Creating Color Overlay Effects
    7. Using the Warp Tools
    8. Scripting
    9. Step-by-Step Projects
      1. Restoring Damaged Photos
      2. Hand-Coloring Black and White Photos
      3. Creating a Dramatic Tone Effect
  12. Chapter 5: Using Selections: Controlling Change
    1. What’s Covered in this Chapter
    2. Understanding Selections: Adding Creative Power
    3. The Smart Selection Brush and Auto Selection Tool
    4. The Magic Wand Tool
    5. Using the Geometric Selection Tools
      1. Adding to the Selection
    6. The Object Extractor and Background Eraser
    7. The Smart Carver
    8. Alpha Channels
    9. Masks
    10. Step-by-Step Projects
      1. Replacing a Lackluster Sky
  13. Chapter 6: Combining Images: Layers and Masks
    1. What’s Covered in this Chapter
    2. Understanding Layers
      1. Who Uses Layers?
      2. What Can You Do with Layers?
    3. Combining Pictures
    4. Advanced Layout Tools
    5. Using Adjustment Layers
      1. Adjustment Layer Types
      2. Advantages of Adjustment Layers
    6. Creating Layer Blend Mode Effects
    7. Using Mask Layers
      1. Modifying Masks
      2. Combining Layers
      3. Saving Masks
    8. Step-by-Step Projects
      1. Creating the Perfect Shadow
      2. Creating Graduated Filter Effects with Masks
      3. HDR Exposure Merge
  14. Chapter 7: Text and Shapes: Understanding Vector Graphics
    1. What’s Covered in this Chapter
    2. How Text and Vectors Work
    3. Adding Basic Text
    4. Layer Styles
    5. Special Effects Filters
      1. Using Filter Effects: A Warning
    6. Adding Text to a Path
    7. Editing Text Shapes
    8. Making Selections from Text
    9. Vectors: Learning the Basics
    10. Working with the Pen Tool
    11. Step-by-Step Projects
      1. Creating a Type Special Effect with Text Selections
  15. Chapter 8: Special Effects: Advanced Editing Techniques
    1. What’s Covered in this Chapter
    2. Using the Materials Palette
    3. Working with Brush Tools
    4. Using the Art Media Brushes
    5. Deformation Tools
    6. Lens Correction Filters
    7. Applying Filter Effects
    8. The Instant Effects Palette
    9. Using Plug-ins
    10. Adding Lighting Effects
    11. Step-by-Step Projects
      1. Creating Realistic Depth Effects Using Displacement Maps
      2. How to Create a Picture Tube File
      3. Adding Edge and Framing Effects
      4. Using the Color Changer Tool
  16. Chapter 9: Printing
    1. What’s Covered in this Chapter
    2. Image Resolution
      1. Shuffling Pixels
      2. Resampling
      3. Downsampling
      4. Upsampling
    3. Printing with Corel PaintShop Pro
    4. Color Management
      1. Color Profiles
      2. Calibration
      3. Color Management in Corel PaintShop Pro X6
      4. Printing Using Color Management
      5. No Profile?
    5. Step-by-Step Projects
      1. Printing Multiple Photos with Print Layout
  17. Chapter 10: The Web: Sharing Images
    1. What’s Covered in this Chapter
    2. Sharing Photos on the Web
      1. Uploading Photos to Flickr
      2. Uploading Photos to Facebook
      3. Uploading Photos to Google Plus
    3. Creating Your Own Images for the Web
      1. How the Web Displays Images
    4. Web File Formats
      1. JPEG in Depth
      2. Using the JPEG Optimizer
      3. Judging Picture Quality
      4. Estimating Download Time
      5. GIF in Depth
      6. Using the GIF Optimizer
      7. Dare to Dither
      8. Try Transparency
    5. Step-by-Step Projects
      1. Protecting Your Photos – Adding a Copyright Message and Watermark
      2. Sharing to Facebook, Flickr and Google Plus
  18. Index

Product information

  • Title: PaintShop Pro X6 for Photographers
  • Author(s): Ken McMahon
  • Release date: February 2014
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781317755296