Appendix C. PilRC Manual

This appendix has been included to help you use PilRC. This manual is not our work; it is by Aaron Ardiri and it is the PilRC Version 2.8 User Manual, 1 May 2001. While we have looked over the manual and can in general recommend it to help you use PilRC, we have made no modifications to it.

If you are not using PilRC with your development environment then there is no reason beyond intellectual curiosity for you to read through this appendix. The manual is organized loosely as follows:

  • PilRC syntax and usage.

  • Understanding usage and terminology within the manual.

  • A reference for using the resource language. This includes syntax and code examples for all supported forms and form objects.

  • How to add international support to an application.

  • Known problems in PilRC Version 2.8

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