Chapter 5. Using Email

In This Chapter

  • Configuring your e-mail accounts

  • Managing different inboxes and views

  • Reading e-mail

  • Downloading and saving attachments

  • Sending e-mail, media, and documents

Of all the forms of communication that your Pre supports (and there are many), what's the most important? That's a very personal question, of course, and your answer could be totally different from the next Pre owner's — but there's at least a chance that you didn't say "calling people." In fact, recent studies have discovered that more ten percent of phone users today in some parts of the world don't even talk on their phone at all!

Even if calling people still ranks number one for you, though, odds are that you placed e-mail pretty high on your list. Virtually everyone has an e-mail account that they check on a daily basis now — some of us have several — and that makes it a particularly easy and convenient way to get in touch in a long-form way. It's quite often easier and less intrusive than calling someone, it's quicker than sending a letter via the regular mail, and it lets you send far more stuff than a text message. Long story short: E-mail isn't going anywhere. In fact, it's only going to get more important.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the Pre has excellent support for e-mail. It can handle multiple e-mail accounts at once; integrates seamlessly with the contacts stored on your phone; and allow you to send and receive a variety of popular attachment types, such as pictures, ...

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