Chapter 7. Searching for Anything and Everything

In This Chapter

  • Conducting a Universal Search

  • Digging through your contacts

  • Finding the application you're looking for

  • Placing a call using Universal Search

The Pre and webOS seek to help you tackle a truly epic task: organizing every aspect of your life into one convenient place. Oh, and it just so happens that that "convenient place" just happens to be small enough to fit into your pocket! That's no small feat, requiring ease of use, a lot of really unique functionality, a wide variety of great applications — and a way to sort and find it all.

On the Pre, digging through all your information to find the golden nugget you're looking for is a two-pronged approach. Your main line of offense is something Universal Search, which (as you might have guessed) tries to wrap all your searching needs into a single place. Sometimes, though, you need more searching power than Universal Search can provide; for those times, you work with individual applications to drill down to your data.

Searching on the Pre isn't just about your data, though; it's also about the world's data! Palm knows that "Googling" has become an ingrained part of our vernacular, and that we spend as much time (if not more) looking stuff up on the Internet as we do looking up our own contacts. Consequently, Palm has integrated some really fantastic Internet searching capability.

In this chapter, you'll see how to find everything you need on the Pre (and maybe a few things you don't). ...

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