Chapter 9. Planning Your Day with Calendar

In This Chapter

  • Pulling in calendar information from Exchange and Google

  • Keeping calendar entries synchronized

  • Creating new events and managing old ones on your Pre

One of the great things about the Pre is how simple it is to manage your contacts. (Check out Chapter 8 for more on the Contacts application.) And as an added bonus, your Pre can help you organize contact information from different sources, because of the technology that Palm calls Synergy. It should come as no surprise, then, that Contacts isn't the only place where you'll find Synergy at work — it plays a big role in the Calendar application, too.

Just like your contacts, your daily schedule is something that you probably have segmented into at least two distinct categories — work and personal — and for the most part, you probably want to (or have to) store and manage those schedules using different tools. For example, you might use an Exchange account at work, where both your office calendar and your corporate address book are housed. When you leave the office, though, you might use Google Calendar to keep track of your bustling social life.

It's not uncommon for smartphones and other electronic organizers to be able to synchronize using only a single source of calendar information (if they can even synchronize with calendars at all), which means that you're stuck choosing between managing your job or your personal life from the convenience of your pocket. More often than not, ...

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