Chapter 11. Working with Photos and Videos

In This Chapter

  • Taking pictures with the Pre camera

  • Transferring pictures between your computer and the Pre

  • Organizing pictures by album

  • Uploading pictures right from your Pre to picture-sharing sites

  • Watching videos

Are you a shutterbug? Maybe you're the type of person who can't leave home without the trusty point-and-shoot (or if you're really into photography, the trusty SLR or dSLR, three different lenses, and an external flash unit that's bigger than your head). Even if you don't usually find yourself regularly pulling out a camera to capture that special moment, though, you might find yourself snapping a few more photos now that you have the Pre by your side.

In this chapter, you'll discover how to take, manage, and share pictures. You'll also get a quick tour of the Photos application's sibling — Videos — which, you guessed it, is where you'll go to play videos on your Pre.

The Pre Camera

Until recently, cameraphones simply weren't expected to take very good pictures. The camera modules on these handsets were little more than novelties — last-minute additions that were just good enough to let you take tiny, fuzzy pictures that you could send to a friend as a multimedia message. They looked alright on a tiny phone screen, sure, but you wouldn't even dream of e-mailing the photo to someone and expect them to be able to use it as a PC wallpaper. The quality just wasn't high enough.

More recently, the optics and sensors in phone cameras have started ...

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