Chapter 13. Rocking Out: Music on the Pre

In This Chapter

  • Getting your music collection from your computer to your Pre

  • Connecting your Pre to iTunes

  • Listening to tracks and playlists

In this chapter, you discover everything you need to know to manage and listen to your favorite music right from the comfort of your Pre. It's easy, it works really well, and unless you have a massive collection of tracks that you want to be able to carry with you at all times, I'm willing to bet the Pre is the only portable music player you need.

How the Pre Rocks the House

Many phones have built-in music players, but very few phones play music well. Why is that? There are many good theories, but the way I see it, a phone (or any device, for that matter) needs a bare minimum of three basic things to do your favorite tracks justice:

  • Plenty of storage space: It doesn't matter how great a phone sounds when you start blasting the tunes. If it can hold only a few of them, it doesn't do you any good. A phone needs several gigabytes of storage space, enough for at least a few hundred songs to keep things interesting on long walks, runs, and road trips.

  • A standard audio jack: Loudspeakers are nice on occasion, but most often, you'll probably want to be listening to music over headphones. It's nice if you can plug those headphones into your phone without a special adapter.

  • Great battery life for playing music: What good is a music player with a dead battery? It makes a decent paperweight, but that's about it. With the ...

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