Step 1: Create the HTML Document

There are two components to a Palm Query Application. The form (or “query”), which is originally written in HTML, and the server CGI program that replies to the query. Entire books are devoted to each of these topics, but this section offers a few helpful notes.

Keep It Small

As you design your PQA-bound HTML document on your desktop computer, you should have at your side the invaluable—but free—Palm VII Content Style Guide. (The latest version is at This guide provides powerful lessons in design, simplicity, and reducing the amount of data that travels to and from the Palm VII. (Remember that a low-data-rate PQA is an inexpensive PQA, and therefore one that will be a hit with your target audience.)

Keep the PQA layout as simple as possible: what minimum information must the user provide to get the answer he or she wants? If possible, design a ...

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