Getting Email from Your PC

If you’d like to use Setup 1 (where your desktop computer is the Grand Central Station for email), you have your choice of several email programs. This section tackles them one by one.

Palm Mail

For most people, the obvious email solution is the one built into every PalmPilot (except the original Pilot models)—the program called Palm Mail. It’s well designed. It’s built into the ROM chips, so it doesn’t eat up any precious RAM. And it’s a very official method of getting email—if something’s not working, 3Com’s tech-support staff awaits to help you troubleshoot.

The Palm Mail program assumes that if you have a Windows computer, you’re running Eudora, Lotus cc:Mail (versions 2.5, 6.0, and 7.0), Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Microsoft Exchange 4.0, Windows Messaging 4.0, Microsoft Mail 3.5, or Windows for Workgroups Mail. For the Macintosh equipped with the MultiMail Conduit, described later in this chapter, you need Outlook Express, Eudora, Eudora Lite, or Claris Emailer; other email programs are scheduled to be added to later versions of the MultiMail conduit.

Setting Up Palm Mail for Windows

The procedure for setting up your email conduit in Windows was once a convoluted affair. But when 3Com discovered that a huge majority of tech-support calls came from PalmPilot owners having trouble setting up Palm Mail, the company decided to address the complexity problem. The result: Mail Setup, a standalone program that comes with Palm Desktop 3.0 and later ...

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