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Panaflex User's Manual, 2nd Edition

Book Description

The Panaflex User's Manual, Second Edition, provides detailed instructions and illustrations on how to use Panaflex motion picture camera equipment. Developed in conjunction with Panavision, this easy-to follow manual provides current, up-to-date information on all aspects of the most widely used camera system on major motion pictures in Hollywood.

The Panaflex User's Manual, Second Edition, provides detailed instructions and illustrations on how to use Panaflex motion picture camera equipment. Developed in conjunction with Panavision, this easy-to follow manual provides current, up-to-date information on all aspects of the most widely used camera system on major motion pictures in Hollywood.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword
  7. Introduction
  8. Acknowledgements
  9. The Film Producers’ Panaflex
    1. Panavision Cameras for all Types of Film Making
      1. The Panaflex system
      2. Other Panavision cameras
    2. Panavision Lenses for all formats
      1. Panavision’s wide choice of formats and lenses
    3. Anamorphic or Spherical?
      1. Counting the costs
    4. The Pros and Cons of Academy, Anamorphic & Super-35 Cinematography
      1. Academy cinematography
      2. Anamorphic cinematography
      3. Super-35 cinematography
    5. Panavision’S Special Equipment
      1. Cost saving equipment
      2. Laboratory equipment
    6. Panavision’S New Technologies
      1. Time code
      2. Research and development
    7. Panavision and Future Technologies
      1. Panavision at the cutting edge of technology
    8. The Hidden Economies of ’GOING Panavision’
      1. Panavision credits
    9. Variety all-Time Film Rental Champs of The US-Canada Market
    10. “Best Picture” Academy Awards
    11. Academy Accolades
      1. Producers who have won Oscars and Oscar Nominations for films photographed with Panavision cameras and/or lenses
    12. Selecting Panavision Equipment
      1. Conditions of business
    13. Typical Panavision Equipment Choices
  10. The Film Directors’ Panaflex
    1. The ’Go Panavision’ Decision
      1. Panavision cameras don’t need blankets over them to keep the sound recordist quiet
      2. Customized equipment
    2. Panavision formats to Suitthe Script
      1. 65mm
      2. Anamorphic large screen formats
      3. Academy, TV and Widescreen formats
      4. Super-35
      5. Panavision 3-PERF
      6. Regular 16 and Super 16
      7. Television
    3. Panavision Cameras to Suit the Script
      1. Panaflex cameras
      2. Super Psr cameras
      3. Panavised support cameras
    4. Panavision Lenses to Suit the Script
      1. Panavision spherical lenses
      2. Panavision anamorphic lenses
    5. Panavision Viewfinding Aids
      1. Optical viewfinder systems
      2. Panavid video assist viewfinders
    6. Panavision Equipment to give Added Production Values
      1. Image control filters
      2. Inclining prism low angle attachment
      3. Panaflasher light overlay accessory
      4. Panavision/Frazier lens system
      5. Panavision slant focus lenses
      6. Panatate turnover camera mount
    7. Panavision’S Credentials
      1. Directors who have won Oscars and Oscar Nominations for films photographed with Panavision cameras and/or lenses
  11. The Directors of Photography’S Paimaflex
    1. The Directors of Photography’S Panaflex
      1. Every possible facility and control
    2. Panaccessories to Help The Cinematographer
    3. Panavision Lenses
      1. PRIMO-L “Spherical” lenses
      2. PRIMO Anamorphic lenses
      3. Close Focusing and Macro lenses
      4. Slant Focus and Perspective lenses
    4. Ground Glasses and Hard Masks
      1. Choice of Ground Glass markings - the options
      2. Hard masks
    5. Light Efficiency
      1. Sharper and steadier images
    6. Optical Accessories
      1. Filters
      2. Diopters
      3. Diffusion
      4. Special matte boxes
    7. Light Control Accessories
      1. The Panalite onboard Obie light
      2. Panaflex micro precision adjustable shutter
      3. Panavision Smart Shutter II system
      4. Motorized graduated filters
      5. Anti-reflection triple filter holder
    8. In-Camera Light Control and Enhancement Accessories
      1. Behind the lens filters
      2. Panaflasher light overlay accessory
    9. Camera Angle Control Accessories
      1. Panavision/Frazier lens system
      2. Inclining prisms
      3. The Panaflex Lightweight camera system
      4. Panatate turnover camera mounts
    10. Environmental Protective Equipment
      1. Intense cold
      2. Heat and dust
      3. Rain, storm and water
      4. Vibration, stress, high ’g’ forces and dangerous places
    11. Panavision PEOPLE
      1. Cinematographers who have won Oscars and Oscar Nominations for Best Cinematography using Panavision cameras and/or lenses
  12. The Camera Operators’ Panaflex
    1. The Camera Operators’ Panaflex
      1. Panahead facilities
      2. Panaflex viewfinder facilities
    2. Sharper Images and Faster Pans With A Panaflex
      1. Panning speeds
    3. Panavid Viewfinder Systems
      1. The Color CCD flicker-free Video Assist
      2. Image grabbing
    4. THE Panavision Panahead
      1. Additional features that enhance the Panahead’S user friendliness
    5. Additional Camera Tilt, up or Down
      1. To adjust the tilt plate for additional tilt down
      2. To adjust the tilt plate for additional tilt up
      3. The Panarock and the Panatilt accessories
    6. Fine Tuning Panahead Pan and Tilt Movements
      1. Emergency servicing
    7. Special Panahead Facilities
      1. Using the Panahead as a free or friction head
      2. Using the Panahead as a gyro head
      3. Using the Panahead as a remote head
    8. Panaball Levellers
      1. The Panaball leveller as a hi-hat
      2. The Panaball nodal leveller
    9. Nodally Mounting Panaflex and Panastar Cameras
      1. Setting the camera in a nodal position
    10. The Panatate Turnover Mount
      1. Fitting a camera to a Panatate turnover mount
    11. Panaflex Viewfinder Eyepieces
      1. Fitting and interchanging eyepieces
    12. Panavision Eyepiece Special Facilities
      1. The ocular marker ring
      2. The image magnifier
      3. The Panaclear eyepiece de-mister
      4. Ocular diopters
    13. Panaflex Viewfinder Special Facilities
      1. The Panaglow illuminated reticle
      2. ND contrast viewing filters
      3. De-anamorphoser and light cutoff
    14. Digital Displays
      1. Platinum Panaflex Displays
      2. Panaflex GII displays
    15. Panaflex Lightweight Camera
      1. Add-on items
    16. THE Panavision Pedestal System
      1. Special Features
  13. The Camera Assistants’ Panaflex
    1. The Camera Assistants’ Panaflex
      1. Checking that the equipment is all there and is as required
      2. Check list
    2. Setting up a Panavision Panahead
      1. Fitting the tilt plate
    3. Fitting a Panaflex Camera to a Pan and Tilt Head
      1. Using a sliding base plate
    4. Preparing a Panaflex Camera for Hand Holding
      1. Attaching the hand grips and shoulder rest
      2. Magazine considerations for hand-held shooting
    5. Camera Movement Lubrication
      1. Panaflex lubrication points
      2. Panastar lubrication points
      3. Panaflex 16 lubrication points
    6. Super Psr, Pan-Mitchell Mk.II and Panavision 65 Lubrication
      1. Super Psr lubrication points
      2. Pan-Mitchell Mk.II lubrication points
      3. Panavision 65mm lubrication points
    7. Removing and Replacing Camera Movements
      1. Removing and replacing a Panaflex camera movement
      2. Removing and replacing a Panastar camera movement
    8. Panaflex Power Supplies
      1. Camera power requirements
      2. Camera power notes
    9. Recharging Nicad Batteries
      1. Nickel cadmium batteries
    10. Recharging Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
      1. Charge retention and performance
    11. Setting The Camera Speed
      1. Platinum Panaflex speed controls
      2. GII and earlier Panaflex speed controls
      3. Panastar speed controls
      4. Precision speed control
    12. Running The Camera
      1. Running the camera at the beginning of the day
      2. Running a Platinum Panaflex or a Panastar in reverse
    13. Setting The Shutter Opening
      1. Adjusting a Platinum Panaflex or Panastar shutter
      2. Adjusting a GII and earlier Panaflex shutter
      3. Adjusting a Panastar shutter
    14. Changing the Panaflex Reflex System
      1. Changing and handling a pellicle mirror
    15. Changing the Ground Glass and Putting in a Cut Frame
      1. Removing and replacing the ground glass
      2. Putting a cut frame into the viewfinder system
    16. The Camera Heater
    17. Panaflex Magazines
      1. Reverse running magazines
      2. Camera carrying handles
    18. Magazine Systems
      1. Footage and take-up running indicators
      2. Magazine heaters
    19. Magazine Loading
      1. Things to be done in the dark
    20. Checking the Aperture Plate and Matte
      1. Removing Panaflex, Panaflex 16 and PSR aperture plates
      2. Removing a Panastar aperture plate
      3. Checking the matte
    21. Preparing the Camera for Loading
      1. Setting Panaflex, Panaflex 16 and PSR cameras
      2. Setting Panastar cameras
      3. An optional safety measure
    22. Threading the Camera - Lacing the Film
      1. Lacing the film
    23. Threading the Camera - Checking that it Runs Properly and Quietly
      1. Setting the camera for maximum quietness
    24. Threading the Camera - Final Preparation
      1. Setting the footage counters
      2. Final checks
    25. Fitting Lenses to the Camera
      1. Range extenders
    26. Testing Panavision Lenses
      1. Notes on understanding MTF graphs
    27. Focusing Panavision Lenses
    28. Checking and Resetting the Flange Focal Depth
      1. Panaflex lens mounting dimensional stability
    29. Matte Box Features
      1. Tilting matte box
      2. Multi-stage matte box
    30. Iris Brackets and Rods
    31. Gelatin Filter Holders
    32. Follow Focus Controls - Manual
      1. The Standard Follow Focus unit
      2. The Modular Follow Focus unit
      3. Fitting and adjusting follow focus units
    33. Follow Focus Controls-Electronic
      1. Modular Follow Focus
      2. The Ftzsac system
    34. Remote Control Iris Systems
      1. Manual iris control
      2. Electronic iris control
    35. Zoom Controls
      1. Zoom control parking bracket
    36. “Smart Shutter” Shutter Angle/Camera Speed/Lens Aperture Control
    37. Electronic Servicing
    38. Changing the Electronic Circuit Boards
      1. Removing the motor cover
      2. Changing the circuit boards
  14. Using Panaflex And Panastar Camera Accessories
    1. The Smart Shutter II Accessory - Fitting the Shutter Motor
      1. Fitting the shutter control motor
      2. Calibrating the shutter motor
    2. - In-Shot Speed Change Below 24 FPS
      1. Camera speed change below 24 fps using a Panaflex camera (shutter change only)
      2. Camera speed change with shutter and T-Stop compensation
    3. - In-Shot Speed Change Above 24 FPS
      1. Camera speed change above 24 fps using a PANASTAR camera (shutter change only)
      2. Camera speed change with shutter and T-Stop compensation
    4. - In-Shot Depth of Field and Exposure Changes
      1. Depth of field change
      2. Exposure change
    5. The Focus, T-Stop, Zoom, Speed-Aperture Controller (F.T.Z.S.A.C.)
      1. Assembling the units
    6. - Focus and T-Stop Control
      1. Full range lens calibration
      2. Limited range lens calibration
    7. - Camera Speed/T-Stop and Zoom Control
      1. Combined camera speed and T-Stop calibration
      2. Zoom control features
    8. Electronic Synchronizer Systems
      1. Phasable synchronizer
      2. Operating instructions
    9. - Camera to Projector Synchronizer
    10. - Camera to Projector Synchronizer Operating Instructions
    11. - Time-Lapse and Time Exposures
      1. Operating instructions
    12. Panaflasher
      1. General guidelines
      2. Operating instructions
    13. Panahead Accessories
      1. Accessory box attachment plates
      2. Panaball leveller
      3. Nodal adaptor
    14. Panalite Camera Mounted Lamp
      1. Panaute operation
    15. Panapodtripods
      1. Cleaning Panapod tripod legs
    16. Panatape II Electronic Rangefinder
      1. Fitting and operation
    17. Panatate Turnover Mount
    18. Panavision Video Assist Systems
    19. Time Code-The Aatoncode System
      1. Initializing the time code system
      2. Encoding the film during the take
    20. - Aatoncode Generator Unit Overview
    21. - Aatoncode Generator Unit Data Entry
      1. Entering and setting data into the Aatoncode Generator unit
    22. - Aatoncode/Nagra IV-S T.C.Unit
      1. Checking and changing the Nagra time code settings
    23. - Initializing The System
      1. Transferring data from the Nagra to the ORIGIN C unit
      2. Transferring data from the ORIGIN C unit to the camera
    24. - Aaton Origin C Unit
      1. Inputting data
      2. Resetting the Nagra time and date settings
      3. Periodically checking Time Code sync
  15. Panavision Primo-L Lenses Lens Data
    1. Primo-L Lens Data - Entrance Pupil Positions
    2. - Prime Lens Tables and Graphs
    3. - Anamorphic Lens Tables and Graphs
    4. - Zoom Lens Tables and Graphs
    5. Subject Size/Camera Distance Tables - Academy, 1.66:1 & 1.85:1
    6. - Super 35
    7. - TV - Anamorphic
    8. Camera Distance/Subject Size Tables - Academy, 1.66:1 & 1.85:1
    9. - Super 35
    10. - TV - Anamorphic
    11. Depth of Field Tables
      1. Choice of Circle of Confusion
      2. Using these tables
    12. - Prime Lenses
    13. - 17.5-75mm Zoom
    14. - 11:1 Zoom
    15. - 3:1 Zoom
  16. The Sound Recordists’ Panaflex
    1. Creating The Quietest Possible Recording Conditions
      1. Measuring camera noise
    2. Camera Noise Control
      1. Minimizing camera noise
  17. The Production Managers’ Panaflex
    1. Ordering Panavision Equipment
      1. Ordering over the telephone
    2. Shipping Equipment Overseas
      1. Carnet countries
    3. Camera Equipment Reminder List
      1. Cameras
      2. Panaflex camera accessories
    4. Spherical Lens Reminder List
      1. Panavision spherical (non-anamorphic) lenses
    5. Anamorphic Lens Reminder List
      1. Panavision anamorphic lenses
    6. Panavision Representatives
      1. Panavision corporate headquarters
      2. Panavision representatives, USA
      3. Panavision representatives worldwide
  18. Index