Appendix B

Photographic Credits

Cover: © Arnaud Frich, 2003

Page VIII: Annunciation, Lorenzo d’Andrea d’Uderigo di Credi (1458–1537), called Lorenzo di Credi, oil on wood, Louvre, © Photo RMN-H. Lewandowski

Page IX: Preparation of the Fireworks and Decoration for the Feast Given in Navonne Square, Rome, on November 30, 1729, for the Birth of the Dauphin, Panini Giovanni Paolo (1691–1765), oil on canvas, Louvre, © Photo RMN – Gérard Blot

Page X: View of the Pont-Neuf, the Quays of the Louvre and the Mégisserie, laterally-reversed view, c.1850, anonymous, daguerreotype, musée Carnavalet, © Photothèque des musées de la ville de Paris, photo: Briant

Page XI: Fürstenberg palace, © Prague Museum of Decorative Arts, 1950s. Photo Josef Sudek © Anna Farova ...

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