CFD Problems Numerical Simulation and Visualization by means of Parallel Computational System

Dmitry A. Orlova; Alexey V. Zibarova; Alexey V. Medvedeva; Andrey N. Karpova; Ilya Yu. Komarova; Vladimir V. Elesina; Evgeny A. Rygkova; Audrey A. Parfllova; Anna V. Antonovaa    a GDT Software Group, 27-79. Demonstratsii str., Tula, Russia, 300034

GDT Software Group company provides two software products. One of them Gas-DynamicsTool® package (or GDT) is a numerical simulation package developed to solve various CFD problems [1, 2].

Currently our company mainly focuses on solving various gas dynamics problems. Additionaly, a universal scientific data visualizer – ScientificVR® (or S-VR) is created. Originally, it was capable of working only with GDT simulation ...

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