Parallel Numerical Simulation of Shear Coaxial LOX/GH2 Jet Flame in Rocket Engine Combustor

S. Matsuyamaa; J. Shinjoa; Y. Mizobuchia; S. Ogawaa    a Institute of Aerospace Technology, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, 7-44-1 Jindaiji-higashi, Chofu, Tokyo 182-8522 Japan



Liquid Rocket engine


Liquid rocket engines are used in a number of launch vehicles worldwide. In these rocket engines, e.g. LE-7A engine of H-2A, Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) and Vulcain engine of ARIANE 5, liquid oxygen (LOX) and gaseous hydrogen (GH2) are injected through coaxial injectors (a schematic is shown in Fig.1). Although the injector design is a critical component of the combustion device, the processes associated with LOX/GH2 injection, ...

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