Parallel Peaks: Business Insights While Climbing the World's Highest Mountains

Book description

Get inspired to hold onto your business dream and keep heading upward. This book ties together eight common elements of mountaineering and business management that make the crucial difference between success and failure in either endeavor. John McQuaig is uniquely qualified to write this book. He co-founded a bank, served as its chairman of the board and watched it grow to more than $250 million in assets. He also has climbed many mountains and is one the few people who successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. He challenges – and motivates – readers to think about eight key questions as they go to the "summit:" Vision: What is yours and where is your summit?; SWOT analysis: What strengths can you capitalize on, what weaknesses are holding you back and what threats and opportunities are ahead?; Planning and preparation: How well have you planned and prepared? Do you have the right tools and assets?; Your own story writing: Are you willing to keep your possibilities open and write your own story? Can you take constructive advice?; A supportive team: Do members work together? Are there any weak players?; An experienced guide: Do you have a coach or mentor to guide you?; Taking it one step at a time: Do you have performance indicators and metrics in place?; Luck: Are you prepared to capitalize on good luck and counter the effects of bad luck?

Product information

  • Title: Parallel Peaks: Business Insights While Climbing the World's Highest Mountains
  • Author(s): John D. McQuaig CPA, CMC, CITP
  • Release date: January 2008
  • Publisher(s): HRD Press
  • ISBN: 9781599960708