Partnering With the CIO: The Future of IT Sales Seen Through the Eyes of Key Decision Makers

Book description

CIOs spend more than $1.2 trillion on software and hardware each year. Partnering with the CIO looks at IT sales from the CIO’s perspective, revealing what needs to be changed and expressing their fears, concerns, warnings, and advice. Based on in-depth interviews with CIOs at major international firms and organizations such as Citigroup, First Data Corp.,, Pitney Bowes, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Time Inc., World Wildlife Fund, Accenture, and the CIO Executive Council, among many others, Partnering with the CIO is a practical and much-needed guide to the current state of IT sales and leadership.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Praise for Partnering with the CIO
  3. ForewordAs the CIO Role Changes and Evolves, IT Suppliers Must Update Their Strategies
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Introduction: From Selling to Partnering
    1. The CIO’s Inner Circle
    2. “You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat”
    3. Surrender Is Not an Option
    4. Experience versus Expertise
    5. Levels of Commitment
  6. The Once and Future CIO
    1. Yesterday, Today, and Beyond
    2. An Evolving Model
    3. A Multiplicity of CIOs
    4. A Strategic Mind-Set
    5. Yes, You Are Important
    6. Sometimes You Have to Ask
    7. Share the CIO’s Priorities
    8. Points Along the Curve
  7. IT Is a Business
    1. Show Me the Cost Structure
    2. Connecting All the Dots
    3. Developing a Solid Business Case
    4. New Faces, Old Issues
    5. The Vice President of Transparency
    6. How Suppliers Benefit from IT Transparency
    7. Let’s Define Our Terms
    8. Growing the Installed Base
    9. Can You Do the Right Thing?
    10. IT and Shareholder Value
    11. Perfect Pitch?
    12. Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees
    13. Guess Again
  8. Delivery
    1. Delivery Is Everything
    2. Keep Your Promises
    3. Feeling Disconnected?
    4. Seeing Through the Client’s Eyes
    5. Don’t Forget about Your Client’s Brand
    6. Be Up Front about Implementation Requirements
    7. “How’m I doin’?”
  9. If You Aren’t a Partner, Then You’re a Commodity
    1. Here’s a Real Cream Puff That Was Driven Only on Sundays
    2. Leave Your Sales Process at the Door
    3. Act like a Consultant
    4. Don’t Play Pricing Games
    5. Sacrifice in Vain?
    6. Put Skin in the Game
    7. Be Candid about Your Ability to Deliver Global Deals
    8. Bring a Vision
    9. Crank Up Your Empathy
  10. Communication Is Crucial
    1. Stop Gabbing and Start Communicating
    2. Don’t Rely on “Push” Marketing Only
    3. Influencing the Influencers
    4. Remove Complexity from Your Organization
    5. Seeking Multiple Relationships
    6. Be Accessible and Responsive
    7. Respect Privacy
    8. Let the CIO Guide You to the Right Decision Maker
  11. IT Governance
    1. Don’t Assume That Everyone Plays by the Same Rules
    2. Keep Your Eye on the Steering Committee
    3. “We’re Not Bending”
    4. Keeping It Real
    5. Dropping in a New Widget
    6. Are We on the Same Page?
    7. Don’t Assume the CIO Is a Governance Expert
  12. When the CIO Wears the Sales Hat
    1. Role Reversals
    2. The Selling Never Stops
    3. The Commissioner of Synergy
    4. Share the Vision, Not Just the Goal
    5. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Political
    6. Selling Up, Down, and Sideways
    7. Shaping Demand
  13. Inside the Mind of a CIO
    1. Letting Go of the Past
    2. Buying by the Pound
    3. Tail Fins and Flashing Lights
    4. Replacing the “Big Sponge” Model
  14. Recommended Reading
  15. About the Authors

Product information

  • Title: Partnering With the CIO: The Future of IT Sales Seen Through the Eyes of Key Decision Makers
  • Author(s): Michael Minelli, Mike Barlow
  • Release date: September 2007
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780470122440