Practising With Some Questions

The last section of this chapter has some practice exam-style questions for you to have a go with, preferably to time so that you get used to the pace of the exams. The questions have two purposes: the first is to give you some additional practice, but the second is to make particular points on exam strategy. Those strategy points are explained in the answers that you’ll find at the end of each chapter.

Because books in the For Dummies series are designed for you to dip in to rather than read from cover to cover, I’m going to repeat some advice here in case you’ve not come across it already in the book. That advice is to get hold of the official sample papers available from the exam board, and use them alongside the examples in this book. The sample papers are free, and I’d have been giving you very poor value for money simply to fill this book with them. If you’re attending a training course or doing a distance-learning course, your training provider should give you copies of the official sample papers. If you’re studying alone, look on the APMG website or contact APMG, who run the exams on behalf of the UK Government (which owns PRINCE2).

For the Practitioner exam, you can use the official sample papers as you revise each part of the method, because they cover one section at a time. For the Foundation exam, it’s difficult to use the official sample papers until you’ve learned all of PRINCE2, because questions are random and not grouped by subject. ...

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