Practising With Some Questions

Have a go with the following questions, which are in the exam styles. It helps if you can do them to time, but don’t be too tough on yourself if you’re still learning PRINCE2 and aren’t quite up to speed yet. Remember that while learning later parts of the method, you’ll be reinforcing the earlier parts – so your fluency should increase as the learning continues, and with that your speed of answering questions accurately.

Foundation-level questions

Set your timer for eight minutes and try these questions to check your knowledge and understanding of the process Directing a Project. Answers are at the end of the chapter.

Some of the answer options in this section include a short explanation, which, unfortunately perhaps, you won’t get in the exam. The explanations don’t give the answers away, but they should help if you’re practising with these questions while learning PRINCE2 and aren’t yet fully familiar with the whole method.

1. Which role is ultimately in charge of the project?

checkbox a) Corporate or programme management

checkbox b) The Executive

checkbox c) The Senior User

d) The Sponsor

2. What is the recommended frequency for Project Board meetings during a delivery ...

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