For Both Exams

The first seven things to remember apply to both the Foundation and Practitioner exams.

Being confident

Most people pass the exams. In the Foundation, it’s rare for anyone to fail if they’ve prepared thoroughly. In the Practitioner, most people pass. So, provided you’ve done your homework, be confident. Okay, so it may go wrong for you, but cross that bridge if – and only if – you come to it. Try not to go into the exam room fearing the worst and so face more pressure than you need to. That additional pressure can cause poorer performance, for example if you need to re-read a question two or three times because you’re busy worrying rather than concentrating.

Remembering to RTFQ

It’s hard to overstate this point. You really do need to RTFQ (Read The Flipping Question), as they told you for school exams. In the Foundation especially, the whole meaning of the question can hang on a single word, and at the time of writing this book, a significant number of questions are still poorly phrased. Especially if you’re under time pressure, focus hard on taking in every word, for example whether a product is ‘created’ or ‘updated’.

Remembering to ATFQ

Next, ATFQ (Answer The Flipping Question). If you have several possible answer options and need to think about one or two (or even check out the manual in the Practitioner exam), it’s surprisingly easy to lose track of the exact wording of the question and start answering something else. In the Foundation, watch out for negatives ...

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