Putting Time Aside for Revision

Whichever way you’ve chosen to learn PRINCE2, whether by self-study, distance-learning course or through a face-to-face training course, make sure you put sufficient time aside for it. Putting time aside means time for revision as well as for the actual learning itself.

Keeping your evenings free during a course

If you’re attending a course held within reach of your home – perhaps held on site within your own organisation – then cancel your evening commitments for the duration of the course. A full course covering the method and both exams typically takes five full days.

example.eps Before people attend one of my PRINCE2 courses, I always ensure that I point out very clearly that they need to keep the evenings free for revision. Before running a course for a particular local authority, I gave the usual warning in good time. When I arrived to start the training, I reinforced the importance of revising each evening. The response from almost all attendees was that they couldn’t possibly do that. One person had a cookery class one evening a week, badminton club on another and other regular appointments on other nights and couldn’t miss them. I was rather alarmed and pointed out the intensity of the PRINCE2 course. She remained adamant that she couldn’t cancel anything – and she didn’t. Another person kept quiet but came up to me on the second morning, after he was ...

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