Finding Out What Went Wrong

Before going on to prepare for another attempt, it pays to do some analysis of what went wrong last time, so you can avoid falling into the same hole again. If you attended a training course, do talk to your course tutor. Your tutor may be able to indicate problem areas based on an assessment of your understanding and recall during the course.

In my company, Inspirandum, we almost never get failures at Foundation, and we’ve looked very carefully at those – usually few – instances where we get Practitioner failures. The cause is nearly always exam technique problems rather than technical knowledge, despite the exam preparation we put alongside practical teaching of the method. If you think that exam technique is part or all of the reason why you had difficulties, check out the following list to try to pinpoint one or more specific issues:

check.png Did you read the questions carefully or did you do them in a rush – in other words, do you think you may have missed part of what a question was getting at or misunderstood part of it? You may have been reading too quickly because you felt under pressure of time or because you were a bit nervous.

check.png Did you start looking for the answers to questions before you really understood what was being asked?

Did you work systematically ...

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